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Building a common understanding of key terms is the first step to develop cross-border cooperation in any area. For this reason, one of the actions included in the EU CBRN Action Plan, adopted in 2009, was to develop information tools for CBRN security. Apart from a web-portal in which good practices on CBRN security could be shared and establishing various information exchange systems, the Action Plan called for the establishment of a database of resources which would contain applicable information on the nature of high-risk CBRN materials and their handling.

In 2013, the Commission presented the first version of the Glossary. Following comments from various stakeholders, the Glossary has been widened and updated. Moreover, in line with the recent policy developments, the Commission decided to include also terms related to the area of explosives. This Glossary is accompanied by an application for smartphones and tablets which could be used not only by first-responders, but also as an awareness raising tool.

The European Commission's aim is to achieve a common understanding of terms related to CBRN-E area. The Glossary is to be used not only in the European Union, but also outside its borders, e.g. during the implementation of the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative. We therefore strongly believe that it will facilitate work of all people involved in CBRN-E-related activities in the EU and elsewhere.

Mr Vladimír Šucha
Director General
European Commission
Joint Research Centre

Mr Matthias Ruete
Director General
European Commission
DG Migration and Home Affairs

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